Terms & Conditions

Payment and Refunds

The following refund / return policy is only applicable to purchases made through AAPC’s Abu Dhabi training center. All other purchases are subject to the US AAPC’s refund policy (see www.aapc.com website for details).

With certain exceptions, course registration fees and/or products purchased from the AAPC Abu Dhabi training center may be returned for a refund. Refunds requests must be submitted within 15 days of the start of the course and will be subject to a 300 AED cancellation charge per course, in addition to any fees for course materials/books not returned to AAPC, or returned opened or used. Shipping charges are nonrefundable. Refund requests may be submitted in writing or verbally to AAPC.

Copyright and use of Course Materials

Access to any online training resources are for individual use only and are nontransferable. Copying and/or distribution of copies of any AAPC training materials is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion from the course.

The course is for individual use only and the course start date is considered to be the same date as the students course purchase date.

Student Ethics and Course Completion

Students understand that AAPC recommends certain courses or experience level prior to enrollment as noted in the course syllabus (where applicable) and that adhering to these recommendations may determine successful completion of the course. Students enrolling should be beyond the age of compulsory high school attendance and have a minimum of a high school diploma or general education development (GED) certificate.

To maintain a good standing in the course, all students must adhere to the AAPC Code of Ethics that ensures high levels of professionalism, integrity and ethical behavior.

AAPC students shall maintain the highest standard of personal and professional conduct. Students shall respect their coaches, instructors, and AAPC staff.

Students shall use only legal and ethical means in all professional dealings and shall refuse to cooperate with, or condone by silence, the actions of those who engage in fraudulent, deceptive or illegal acts.

It is the student's responsibility to determine whether AAPC’s certificates from the institution will transfer to other institutions or meet employers' training requirements.

Completion of an AAPC training course does not guarantee students will pass the certification exam. AAPC certification does not guarantee job placement. AAPC does not participate in job placement.